Since 1999, Lou’s Landscaping and Design has provided commercial snow plowing, ice control, salting, and snow removal to clients in the New Jersey and New York area. Safety is of the utmost importance in our snow removal procedures, and we diligently promote safe and efficient snow removal methods.

We pride ourselves on our friendly, knowledgeable, and courteous crew that works around the clock to serve our entire client base every winter. Our efficient procedures ensure timely, proactive, and responsible snow removal. We have plows, snow blowers, snow sweepers, and shovels ready at all times, and offsite snow stacking and hauling available for especially heavy storms.

Even before a storm approaches, our team is ready to roll. We have a second team on-call for snow emergencies if backup is needed. To ensure a smooth process for our customers, our phones and emails are monitored 24/7 for the duration of the storm. Clients are encouraged to reach out to us at any time during a storm to have their concerns addressed.

If you are interested in taking advantage of any of our snow plowing, removal, or ice control services feel free to fill out a contact form or call us at 973-694-7038. We look forward to making this winter as easy as possible for you.


Residential properties, commercial businesses, and homes all have some aspect of pavement. With the harsh weather we get in New Jersey, Lou’s Landscaping understands the beating that pavement takes from freezing temps resulting in dangerous cracks and potholes. Whether you need brand new paving for an addition to your home, asphalt for a parking lot, or repairs to existing pavement, Lou’s Landscaping will be able to handle your paving job with expert care.

For the home, office, or residential property in New Jersey requiring some paving, Lou’s Landscaping has tons of options to achieve the look you want. Our concrete pavers offer a wide variety of colors, styles, textures and patterns to achieve the exact look you want for your property. These concrete pavers are affordable and can make a huge difference in increasing the aesthetics and value of your property.

Need asphalt for your parking lot or driveway? Lou’s Landscaping will have your property in tip-top shape with a renewed asphalt surface. Asphalt takes a beating during the winter months leading to cracks and potholes. We can fill just the problem areas, or provide a fresh coat over your property to ensure it stays in top condition for years to come.

Looking to add on a patio in NJ? Or, maybe a basketball court for the kids? With Lou’s Landscaping we can create your new pavement project with expert care. Tell us exactly what you are looking to achieve with pavement for your property, and Lou’s Landscaping and Design will provide guidance for the best methods to achieving your goals. The results will be exactly what you were looking for!
In addition to our paving services in New Jersey, Lou’s Landscaping and Design also provides hardscaping in New Jersey. This includes fences, walkways, stones, and more. We also have incredible landscaping services, snow plow and removal for the winter, and more. All of our services are available to New Jersey residential properties, commercial businesses, and homes. Contact us today to get started with paving in NJ!


A great addition to complement your landscaping is hardscaping. Hardscaping is the addition of non-plant elements into your outdoor landscape. This may include fences, pathways, walkways, stones, and more. Lou’s Landscaping provides all of these services to our clients, whether you are wishing to expand your outdoor living space or improve the outside appearance of your commercial space.
Concrete pavers offer a wide range of surface finishes in various colors, textures, and patterns to complement your home. At a moderate cost, these pavers are tightly placed and fitted into a sand bed and compacted aggregate base. They require very low maintenance, and broken pavers can easily be replaced without patches. Lou’s Landscaping can also seal the joints to prevent weeds or ants. Concrete pavers are highly durable, and resist cracking and damage from winter snow removal. If desired, snow-melt systems can be installed to completely eliminate snow and ice removal.

Cobble stone gives your landscape an elegant yet informal “Old World” feel. The initial cost and installation is on the more expensive side because each unit must be fitted together by hand. These high quality stones last for decades, and the high density nature of the stone resists cracking and salts. If you are considering having these stones put on walkways or driveways, it is important to note that they may make driving, walking, and snow removal difficult due to their rough nature.


At Lou’s Landscaping, we see the value of your land and know the necessary precautions to take in order to keep it in tip top shape. Improper drainage may be threatening the health of your land and you’re your home without you noticing until it is too late. Do you have a swampy area in your basement? Are you enjoying your neighbor’s run-off during heavy rains? Do you have water in your basement? Has your yard become an inadvertent water feature? Our team has all the answers.

Sunken spots in your lawn become saturated with water, and become a large muddy pit. This will not only cause your grass to die, but may also be damaging your home’s foundation. To prevent this, we provide drainage services to ensure water flows away from areas prone to saturation, or that may already be saturated. This water will be dispersed to a predetermined area where it won’t be of harm to your property.

The importance of proper drainage from your land cannot be stressed enough. If you have any of the above mentioned problems, fill out the contact form below and we will consult you on the next steps to take to ensure a healthy, beautiful and most importantly safe, landscape. Don’t wait until you’re putting yourself and everyone around you in danger. Call us today at 973-694-7038.


A crucial aspect of landscaping is lighting. It is important to consider your landscaping choices not only as they would appear during the day, but at night also. A professional outdoor lighting system provides an artistic and creative utilization of light and shadow to your landscape. Not only does it provide a beautiful enhancement of your outdoor space, but it also elevates security and therefore the safety of your home or property.

A consultation with Lou’s Landscaping and Design will provide you with a plan for choosing the type and placement of our lighting for your desired ambiance and mood. With our various lighting fixtures, wiring, lamps, and methods of installation, we will create lasting lighting for your landscape.

Our professionals are guaranteed to achieve the correct balance of form and function for your outdoor lighting. A picture perfect landscape by day is nothing without the beauty and safety that lighting adds to it by night.


The New Jersey area has had its fair share of heavy storms and hurricanes recently. If Hurricane Sandy and Katrina have taught us anything, it’s that it is always better to be prepared for the worst. Lack of preparation and awareness of potential damage is a huge threat to your property. You have worked so hard to achieve your dream landscape, so don’t become vulnerable to potential and increasingly frequent hurricane activity.

Lou’s Landscaping and Design can assess your vulnerability to damage, and help you to create an action plan to reduce the effects of a disastrous hurricane. Hurricane hazards can come in many forms, including storm surges, heavy rainfall, and inland flooding. Our consultation will help you form a plan for maximum protection of your home or business.

In addition to preparation, we have an emergency management team available to take action when disaster strikes. Our emergency management team is ready to provide sand bags and “muscle wall” to provide protection against catastrophic flooding.